Rare Candle Company

Experience unique, experience beauty, experience Rare! 

Small Batch

Each candle is meticulously hand-crafted with the finest ingredients, to fill your home with an aroma that will be sure to take your senses on a journey. Our candles are poured at our home studio in Phoenix, AZ in micro-batches, to ensure that each candle performs at its peak, with attention being paid to the most intricate of details. 

My house smells like paradise.

M.S - Phoenix, AZ
returning customer

About Rare Candle Co.

Our rare, custom blended scents represent beautiful memories and specific moments in time. Our scents tell stories or evoke memories of people or places that impacted my life, or shaped the person I am today.  Our hope is that you find luxury in these minimalist design candles, find time to create your own rare moments each time you burn or admire your candles, and are encouraged to share your own light with others. "You're Rare, you're beautiful, we love you."- xoxo Moriah